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Welcome to this website announcing a new book by Peter Corbett: Bahram & The Aga Khan III to be published 20th October. Beautifully presented, 640 pages, 59 illustrations £30.

Bahram & The Aga Khan III, is not just the story of a great racehorse. The life of the Aga Khan III and the evolution of his breeding empire are re-assessed.

Bahram & The Aga Khan III is a compelling story of a great horse but also covers the period from the early nineteen twenties until the middle of the nineteen fifties. The Great War was over but during this period a second, catastrophic, World War was endured.


Peter Corbett is the author of Bayardo; the Life, Times & Legacy of an Edwardian Champion an acclaimed biography of a racehorse from the time just before the Great War. For more information about this book please refer to the appropriate section on this site.

Bahram & The Aga Khan III

See Bayardo section for details